Alexandre Desplat


Movie Soundtracks

CD The Shape of Water
The Shape of Water

2017, Guillermo del Toro
Decca Records, 21/26 tracks

CD Suburbicon

2017, George Clooney
ABKCO, 23 tracks

CD Valérian et la cité des mille planètes
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

2017, Luc Besson
EuropaCorp, 2 CDs, 23/32 tracks

CD American Pastoral
American Pastoral

2016, Ewan McGregor
Lakeshore Records, 16/17 tracks

CD The Light Between Oceans
The Light Between Oceans

2016, Derek Cianfrance
Lakeshore Records, 19 tracks

CD The Secret Life Of Pets
The Secret Life Of Pets

2016, Yarrow Cheney & Chris Renaud
Backlot Music, 25 tracks

CD Florence Foster Jenkins
Florence Foster Jenkins

2016, Stephen Frears
Decca, 16/22 tracks

CD L'Odyssée

2016, Jérôme Salle
TF1 Musique, 14/20 tracks

OST Les Habitants
Les Habitants

2016, Raymond Depardon
Palmeraie et désert, 4 tracks, 00:09:51
available as a digital download

CD The Danish Girl
The Danish Girl

2016, Tom Hooper
Decca, 19/20 tracks

CD Traffic Quintet Plays Alexandre Desplat
Traffic Quintet Plays Alexandre Desplat

2016, Traffic Quintet with Alexandre Desplat and Alain Planès
Mercury Classics, 13 tracks

CD Suffragette

2015, Sarah Gavron
Backlot Music, 16 tracks

CD Every Thing Will Be Fine
Every Thing Will Be Fine

2015, Wim Wenders
Wenders Music, 20 tracks

CD Unbroken

2014, Angelina Jolie
Parlophone Records, 24 tracks

CD The Imitation Game
The Imitation Game

2014, Morten Tyldum
Sony Music Classical, 21 tracks

CD Godzilla

2014, Gareth Edwards
WaterTower Music, 20 tracks

CD The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Grand Budapest Hotel

2013, Wes Anderson
Abkco, 28/32 tracks

CD The Monuments Men
The Monuments Men

2013, George Clooney
Sony Masterworks, 25 tracks

OST Venus in Fur
Venus in Fur

2013, Roman Polanski
Playtime, 1 track, 00:36:58
available as a digital download

CD Philomena

2013, Stephen Frears
Decca, 19 tracks

CD Zero Dark Thirty
Zero Dark Thirty

2012, Kathryn Bigelow
Madison Gate Records, 18 tracks

CD Rise Of The Guardians
Rise Of The Guardians

2012, Peter Ramsey
Varese Sarabande, 27 tracks

CD Reality

2012, Matteo Garrone
Radiofandango, 10/14 tracks
available as a digital download

CD Argo

2012, Ben Affleck
Water Tower Music, 17 tracks

CD Monrise Kingdom
Moonrise Kingdom

2012, Wes Anderson
Abkco, 5/21 tracks

CD Rust And Bones
Rust And Bones (De rouille et d'os)

2012, Jacques Audiard
Idol, 18/28 tracks

CD Cloclo

2012, Florent Emilio Siri
Sony Music, 1/19 tracks

CD My Week With Marilyn
My Week With Marilyn

2011, Simon Curtis
Sony Masterworks, 1/26 tracks
Marilyn's Theme: Alexandre Desplat, Score: Conrad Pope

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

2011, Stephen Daldry
Water Tower Music, 18 tracks

CD The Ides of March
The Ides of March

2011, George Clooney
Varese Sarabande, 15 tracks

CD Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-part2
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

2011, David Yates
Water Tower Music, 25 tracks

CD A Better Life
A Better Life

2011, Chris weitz
Ent. One Music, 18/19 tracks
available as a digital download

CD The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life

2011, Terrence Malick
Lakeshore Records, 13 tracks

CD La fille du puisatier
The Well Digger's Daughter (La fille du puisatier)

2011, Daniel Auteuil
Varese Sarabande, 11/13 tracks

CD Largo winch II
Largo Winch II

2011, Jérôme Salle
Varese Sarabande, 20 tracks

CD The King's Speech
The King's Speech

2010, Tom Hooper
Decca, 11/13 tracks

CD Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

2010, David Yates
Water Tower Music, 26 tracks

CD Tamara Drewe
Tamara Drewe

2010, Stephen Frears
Silva Screen, 16/19 tracks

CD The Special Relationship
The Special Relationship

2010, Richard Loncraine
Varèse Sarabande, 12 tracks

MP3 album Fantastic Mr Fox Additional Music
Fantastic Mr Fox Additional Music From The Original Score
The Abbey Road Mixes

2009, Wes Anderson
ABKCO Records, 24 MP3 tracks
Nominated at the Academy Awards

CD The Ghost Writer
The Ghost Writer

2010, Roman Polanski
Varèse Sarabande, 17 tracks

CD The Twilight Saga: New Moon - The Score
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

2009, Chris Weitz
E1 Entertainment, 21 tracks

CD Fantastic Mr Fox
Fantastic Mr Fox

2009, Wes Anderson
ABKCO Records, 25 tracks
Nominated at the Academy Awards

CD The army of crime
The Army Of Crime

2009, Robert Guédiguian
Naïve, 19 tracks

CD Un Prophète
Un Prophète

2009, Jacques Audiard
Naïve, 22 tracks

CD Julie & Julia
Julie & Julia

2009, Nora Ephron
Sony, 21 tracks

CD Coco Before Chanel
Coco Before Chanel

2009, Anne Fontaine
Varese Sarabande, 18 tracks

CD Chéri

2009, Stephen Frears
Varese Sarabande, 15 tracks

CD Afterwards

2009, Gilles Bourdos

CD Largo Winch
Largo Winch

2008, Jérôme Salle
Varese Sarabande, 26 tracks

CD The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

2008, David Fincher
Concord, 23 tracks
Nominated at the 2008 Golden Globes and Academy Awards

CD Golden Compass
The Golden Compass

2007, Chris Weitz
Decca, 26 tracks

CD Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

2007, Zach Helm
Varese Sarabande, 37 tracks with Aaron Zigman

CD Lust, Caution
Lust, Caution

2007, Ang Lee
Decca, 24 tracks

Cd L'Ennemi Intime
L'ennemi Intime

2007, Florent-Emilio Siri
Naïve, 15 tracks

Cd Traffic Quintet "Nouvelles Vagues"
Nouvelles Vagues  

2007, by Traffic Quintet
Naïve, 20 tracks

CD The Painted Veil
The Painted Veil  

2007, John Curran
Deutsche Grammophon, 19 tracks
Golden Globe Award 2007

CD Queen
The Queen  

2006, Stephen Frears
Milan, 16 tracks
Nominated at the Oscar Academy Awards 2007

CD Desplat-Audiard
Desplat - Audiard  

2006, Jacques Audiard
PLay Time, 21 tracks

CD Quand j'étais chanteur
The Singer (Quand J'étais Chanteur)

2006, Xavier Giannoli
Warner, 21 tracks

CD Firewall

2006, Richard Loncraine
Varese Sarabande, 2006, 15 tracks

CD Syriana

2005, Stephen Gaghan
Sony classical, 17 tracks
Nominated at the 2006 Golden Globes

CD Casanova

2005, Lasse Hallström
Hollywood Records, 2/26 tracks

CD Hostage

2005, Florent-Emilio Siri
Superb Records, 24 tracks

CD De Battre Mon Coeur S'est Arrêté
The Beat My Heart Skipped

2005, Jacques Audiard
Naïve, 2CD, 17 tracks
Won César 2006, Etoile d'or de la presse 2006, Silver Bear for best score at the Berlin Film Festival in 2005

CD The Upside of Anger
The Upside of Anger

2005, Mike Binder
New Line, 21 tracks

CD Birth

2004, Jonathan Glazer
New Line, 15 tracks
Nominated at the 2005 OFCS Awards

CD L'Enquête Corse
L'Enquête Corse

2004, Alain Berberian
FGL, 17 tracks

CD Girl With a Pearl Earring
Girl With a Pearl Earring  

2003, Peter Webber
DECCA, 20 tracks
Nominated at the Golden Globes, British Awards and European Film Awards in 2004

CD Inquiétudes

2003, Gilles Bourdos
ULM, 16 tracks

CD Les Corps Impatients
Les Corps Impatients

2003, Xavier Giannoli
Amélie Aime le Cinéma, 1 track

CD Rire et Châtiment
Rire et Châtiment

2003, Isabelle Doval
Warner, 16 tracks

CD Nid de Guêpes
The nest (Nid de Guêpes)

2002, Florent-Emilio Siri
Source records, 19 tracks

CD Reines d'un Jour
Reines d'un Jour

2001, Marion Vernoux
Virgin, 18 tracks

CD Les Portes de la Gloire
Les Portes de la Gloire

2001, Christian Merret-Palmair
Play Time, 15 tracks

CD The Luzhin Defence
The Luzhin Defence

2000, Marleen Gorris
SILVA SCREEN, 17 tracks

CD Amazone

2000, Philippe de Broca
Universal, 16 tracks

CD Le Château des Singes
A Monkey's Tale

1999, Jean-Fran├žois Laguionie
MILAN, 23 tracks

CD C'est pas ma Faute
C'est pas ma Faute

1999, Jacques Monnet
MILAN, 6 tracks

CD Toni

1999, Philomène Esposito
MILAN, 21 tracks

CD Restons Groupés
Restons Groupés

1998, Jean-Paul Salomé
SERGENT MAJOR, 25 tracks

CD 1 Chance sur 2
1 Chance sur 2

1998, Patrice Leconte
BMG, 24 tracks

CD La Femme du Cosmonaute
La Femme du Cosmonaute

1998, Jacques Monnet
MILAN, 19 tracks

CD Sous les Pieds des Femmes
Sous les Pieds des Femmes

1997, Rachida Krim
BMG, 17 tracks

CD Love, etc.
Love, etc.

1996, Marion Vernoux 
Source / Virgin, 22 tracks

CD Un Héros très Discret
Un Héros très Discret

1996, Jacques  Audiard
EMI, 22 tracks 
Nominated at the Césars in 1997

CD Les Milles
Les Milles (Le Train de la Liberté)

1995, Sébastien Grall
Sony epic, 18 tracks

CD Innocent Lies
Innocent Lies (Les péchés mortels)

1995, Patrick Dewolf
POLYDOR, 23 tracks

CD Marie-Louise ou la Permission
Marie-Louise ou la Permission

1995, Manuel Flèche
Sony epic, 28 tracks

CD Regarde les Hommes Tomber
Regarde les Hommes Tomber

1994, Jacques Audiard
BMG, 29 tracks

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